Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sex And Submission and Charlotte Vale

Hi, I'm back with you again, all Charlotte Vale's lovers! The last post was about Charlotte Vale as a bondage and submissive model who takes part in Ken Marcus bondage party. Oh, sorry :) in Ken Marcus bdsm scene :) It was llike.. hmm.. like vanilla scene. Simple and regular sex of submissive slave Charlotte Vale and, i don't understand if I can call him "master". He wasn't like a master. Like even dominant. Well, next company where I saw Charlotte Vale was Kink. Yesssss! Really rough sex, cruel BDSM, real rope bondage and real rough fucking! It a BDSM scene from Sex And Submission: Sexual fantasies of bound and roped female submissives Kink site. Really amazing bondage and bdsm sex action of Mark Devis (Master and Dominant) and Charlotte Vale (Slave and Submissive). And I guess you have to see it with your own eyes :) Follow the link before and enjoi it :) Moreover, in thi sriugh bdsm sex scene Charlotte had pee and her pissing scene was also very exciting!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Charlotte Vale as a slave in Ken Marcus gallery

Has anybody of you seen a free gallery from Ken Marcus with Charlotte Vale and Stephen? So, how do you find it? You know what, although Ken is a really great master of erotic photography he seems to be a lamer in bdsm.. well, he just uses a few popular bdsm details and elements to compile something similar to slave training and slave fucking.. and what’s more, Charlotte Vale, her performance and her voluptuous body adds greatly to the stuff. my word, such raunchy and expressive babes as Charlotte can turn any bullshit into a masterpiece. Sorry, dear Ken, I don’t mean your art here… but you know to shoot in bdsm niche you must know more about it to become a real master.. like for instance kink.com for whom Charlotte Vale used to work. And what do you think of the so-called Master Stephen who in my opinion looks rather awkward, eh? well, you may laugh, but still I liked the set. And mainly for its great photography and of course for that slave slut Charlotte Vale.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Charlotte Vale on Device Bondage: DeviceBondage free gallery

charlotte vale device bondagehello guys! i'm back for posting something fresh about young slave Charlotte Vale. Rope bondage is good for Charlotte Vale. Charlotte Valee looks excellent training in ropees. But now I want to show somthing new form of Charlotte Vale bound and punished. Do you know DeviceBondage site? Very interesting sort of bondage. Those guys use leather straps and chains to bound Charlotte Vale and punish her. I post here link to Charlotte Vale, chains and leather belts on DeviceBondage: Device Bondage pictures, and you can see all Charlotte Vale strapped with leather belts and punished there. And, also, you can take a look on video version of this device bondage scene following Charlotte Vale, chains and leather belts on DeviceBondage: Device Bondage video link. And, if you don't much like Charlotte Vale you can simply follow all free DeviceBondage pictures and DeviceBondage video there :)
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Friday, January 16, 2009

Charlotte Vale in PublicDisgrace video

Charlotte Vale PublicDisgrace videoDo you thinking Charlotte Vale looks good in PublicDisgrace free pictures ? No. I saw PablicDisgrace free video clip with Charlotte Vale and i was shocked! Charlotte Vale is tied up, smacked around, whipped, spanked, kissed, and made to orally service everyone in the room on PublicDisgrace party!
Let discuss this Charlotte Vale scene in this post :)

Charlotte Vale on PublicDisgrace

Charlotte Vale on PublicDisgraceToday i'm posting excellent and Charlotte Vale on PublicDisgrace exciting scene of public bondage. Now Charlotte Vale have a excitting and entertain bondage humiliation scene on brand new PublicDisgrace bondage site.
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Charlotte Vale improve deep throating skills

Again i'm posting TheTraininhgOfO free pictures. Amaizing slave Charlotte Vale continue her training lessons. After these Charlotte Vale slave training lessons Charlotte Vale has improved focus and deep throating skills, trust conquers fear, discomfort and pain.

slave Charlotte Vale and slave Berlin video

Charlotte ValeHi :) This Charlotte Vale slave training video from TheTrainingsOfO slave training site i found on same HotVoyager review site. Both slaves Charlotte Vale and Berlin want the pain and learn to love the bruise. We can see as they are both thoroughly fucked and used, it is perfect slave training video! Post your Charlotte Vale video here.

Charlotte Vale learns the ropes

charlotte vale ropesHer slave experience is 1 year. This is her first hard submission lesson. Now Charlotte Vale put in steel for the interview. Charlotte Vale loves bondage, ropes, submission and orgasms in ropes. See how Charlotte Vale learns the ropes

Charlotte Vale and Claire Adams bdsm video

Charlotte Vale Claire DamesCharlotte Vale gets an intense BDSM experience with Claire Adams. Claire Adams is introduced to new forms of corporal punishment such as trampling and breath play along with breast flogging and a thorough bare hand spanking on WhippedAss.We witness a touching moment when Charlotte overcomes her fear of body clamps. Then, she is strap-on fucked while completely helpless in bondage.

Charlotte Vale slave training

Charlotte ValeSlave Charlotte Vale is my favorite model from TheTrainingsOfO slaves bondage training web site. Charlotte Vale is amazing female slave with perfect pierced nipples ! I want to share me expression about Charlotte Vale as submissive female. pls, post your comments about Charlotte Vale on this blog :)
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